Q. What are the costs and savings of Biofeedback Therapy?
A. The national costs of Biofeedback Therapy vary from patient to patient depending on individual circumstances. Statistics show that three years Neurofeedback Therapy for ADHD costs less than medication for three years. Biofeedback Therapy saves money in other ways, too. For example, as drivers with ADHD improve their concentration skills, they have fewer car accidents. Additionally, people suffering from migraine headaches make fewer trips to the Emergency Room, saving them hundreds of dollars each year. The professionals at Smarter Way lay out the costs prior to beginning a course of therapy. Important decisions about continuing treatment take place at any time.

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Q. Does health insurance cover Biofeedback Therapy?
A. Some health insurance plans do. Check your policy provisions to find out what coverage your insurance plan offers.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Exactly what happens during the first Smarter Way Biofeedback Therapy session?
A. You tell your Smarter Way Biofeedback therapist your history and he or she asks you some questions. He or she helps you remember things you may have forgotten or understand your experiences in important new ways. Your therapist may also give you a “paper and pencil” test to get additional helpful information. Then, you sit in a comfortable recliner while your therapist begins cleaning your skin with an exfoliant and alcohol. Then he or she puts sensors on your scalp with a water-soluble paste. There are no needles so it doesn’t hurt. Next, your therapist guides you through instructions on listening to your body's feedback.

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Q. What happens in a typical Biofeedback session?
A. You talk with your therapist about what you’ve done since your last session. Then you practice listening and responding to your body's feedback. Biofeedback Therapy is like learning anything new; you do it again and again until you know how to do it automatically without thinking.

Q. How important is it to have a Biofeedback Training therapist? Why can’t I just do it on my own?
A. Studies show that biofeedback for whatever condition works only when you have a good, knowledgeable Biofeedback therapist. Successful Biofeedback Therapy includes the willing individual, the caring Biofeedback therapist, and the biofeedback instrument itself. You bring the first part and we at Smarter Way bring the rest; just as your teachers assist you in school, and your coach helps train you in a sport, we help you learn how to make your brain work more efficiently.

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Q. How long is each Biofeedback Therapy session?
A. The Initial Evaluation takes approximately 90 minutes. Each of Smarter Way’s subsequent Biofeedback Therapy sessions is about 50 minutes long. Smarter Way therapists personally work with the client for the entire 50 minutes. This may be the secret to why most of our clients receive significant benefits by 8 sessions and usually reach their goals by 20 sessions.

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Q. What can I do to enhance my Biofeedback Therapy?
A. Like any learned skill, the more you practice biofeedback techniques, the quicker you master them. For this reason, Smarter Way offers a selection of products for convenient, at-home use in between sessions. Consult your healthcare provider to see if using a Light & Sound Instrument with specific built-in programs is right for you. Or, listen to the "Smarter Methods" collection on CD for greater relaxation, better test-taking and improved self-esteem.

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Q. How frequently do I go to Biofeedback Therapy sessions?
A. Therapy sessions take place from one time a week up to two times per day. As long as three hours separate each appointment, it is a “new learning” experience for the brain. We understand that each person and their situation is unique. For instance, school students may come more often during vacation times so they can get ready for school. Business men and women come when they are in Houston on business. People who live out of town often choose to stay at the Extended Stay America, an easy one-block walk from our offices.

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Q. How long is a course of Biofeedback Therapy?
A. Most courses of Biofeedback Therapy are between 12 and 30 sessions. Therapy sessions take place from one time a week up to two times a day. Progress reviews occur at the end of each session, and an in-depth review takes place at least every 10th session. Important decisions about continuing treatment take place at any time.

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